Sunday, 18 March 2012

It's all about the boys!! :)

So I have been getting some requests from the boys for some tips on trends and good online shopping sites! I think there feeling left out..
The cover photo is just for us girls....;)

So firstly, I think every girls will have different opinions on what she thinks looks good on boys/her boyfriend.
I'm going to talk about what I think are some big no-no's and I'm hoping some of the girls will also give some feedback on anything they think that looks particularly horrible or hot on guys! So ladies, please share your thoughts!! :)  
Personally I think you cant go wrong with a nice pair of jeans, nice runners/vans whatever you want and a nice sweater or shirt. When it comes to boys clothes I think keeping it simple works well, jeans or combats with nice t-shirts always look good! 
Find out what colors suit you best and try and stick mostly to those colors. 
I wouldn't be a huge fan of boys wearing trendy long scarves with t-shirts! Winter scarves can be lovely with a nice jacket, but not those ones that look like you just raided your girlfriends wardrobe!
I must say I hate skinny jeans on boys too, who wants their boyfriends legs looking skinnier than theirs??...I don't think so! Or colourdy jeans, your not Graham Norton!

Can I just take this opportunity as well to let all the boys  know that tracksuits and jerseys are fine for training or the gym etc, but they should stay in the gym!!! (possible exception for days when your very hungover) And those matching sports branded tracksuits are awful! 

So to sum up, keep it simple and avoid tracksuits/all sports wear where possible!! :)

So some online sites.... will suit boys down to the ground! Typically, boys clothes are more of a standard fit then girls clothes so online shopping will be even easier for them as there's more of a chance of it fitting properly.
Asos also has the added bonus of free shipping!

This is such a great look for boys, really sophisticated and really simple! Its worth investing in a nice Winter coat that you can wear with dress pants but also with jeans for a more casual look. 
They also have some great checkered shirts, which has been a big trend for a while now. The one below is Abercrombie.

While im not a big fan of Abercrombie or Holister for girls clothes, simply because its painfully unoriginal, for boys I think it can look cool in moderation.(As long as you dont have the matching tracksuit and hoody combo...overkill!) 

Shopping online though can be expensive as you have to pay a hefty shipping cost! But they have some nice t-shirts and checkered shirts that look great with some jeans!

If you can afford it, Tommy Hilfiger on Opera Lane has some fab stuff for boys! But for a more student friendly budget, you usually cant go wrong with Jack and Jones!


  1. Loving this!! So sick of seeing boys in tracksuits ALL the time!!

    A nice pair of well fitted jeans can take you a long way!! Im liking the chinos at the moment aswell... Just don't overkill it by wearing them EVERY night out!

  2. I really like those checkered shirts, i think most boys look good in them! And i completely agree about the hollister/abercrombie overkill, theyre not paying you to wear it!!

  3. ha ha! i couldn't agree more with aisling's comment about the hollister and abcrombie and fitch! i wish irish boys dressed more like french or italian boys!!

  4. Thank you for the tips! Things were much easier as a child when you didn't have a say in what you wore, it was just bought for you...

  5. The matching tracksuit pants and tops are just woeful... Especially when they're for some soccer team with luminous stripes etc!!

  6. I couldn't agree more with everything you said! Tracksuits should stay in the gym !!!!

  7. I agree with checkered shirts, they're a great choice! Oh and yea tracksuits are for the gym or lounging at home,alone, end of.