Sunday, 18 March 2012

It's all about the boys!! :)

So I have been getting some requests from the boys for some tips on trends and good online shopping sites! I think there feeling left out..
The cover photo is just for us girls....;)

So firstly, I think every girls will have different opinions on what she thinks looks good on boys/her boyfriend.
I'm going to talk about what I think are some big no-no's and I'm hoping some of the girls will also give some feedback on anything they think that looks particularly horrible or hot on guys! So ladies, please share your thoughts!! :)  
Personally I think you cant go wrong with a nice pair of jeans, nice runners/vans whatever you want and a nice sweater or shirt. When it comes to boys clothes I think keeping it simple works well, jeans or combats with nice t-shirts always look good! 
Find out what colors suit you best and try and stick mostly to those colors. 
I wouldn't be a huge fan of boys wearing trendy long scarves with t-shirts! Winter scarves can be lovely with a nice jacket, but not those ones that look like you just raided your girlfriends wardrobe!
I must say I hate skinny jeans on boys too, who wants their boyfriends legs looking skinnier than theirs??...I don't think so! Or colourdy jeans, your not Graham Norton!

Can I just take this opportunity as well to let all the boys  know that tracksuits and jerseys are fine for training or the gym etc, but they should stay in the gym!!! (possible exception for days when your very hungover) And those matching sports branded tracksuits are awful! 

So to sum up, keep it simple and avoid tracksuits/all sports wear where possible!! :)

So some online sites.... will suit boys down to the ground! Typically, boys clothes are more of a standard fit then girls clothes so online shopping will be even easier for them as there's more of a chance of it fitting properly.
Asos also has the added bonus of free shipping!

This is such a great look for boys, really sophisticated and really simple! Its worth investing in a nice Winter coat that you can wear with dress pants but also with jeans for a more casual look. 
They also have some great checkered shirts, which has been a big trend for a while now. The one below is Abercrombie.

While im not a big fan of Abercrombie or Holister for girls clothes, simply because its painfully unoriginal, for boys I think it can look cool in moderation.(As long as you dont have the matching tracksuit and hoody combo...overkill!) 

Shopping online though can be expensive as you have to pay a hefty shipping cost! But they have some nice t-shirts and checkered shirts that look great with some jeans!

If you can afford it, Tommy Hilfiger on Opera Lane has some fab stuff for boys! But for a more student friendly budget, you usually cant go wrong with Jack and Jones!

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Scene Stealers

In keeping with the theme of exploring some spring trends, here's some more of my favourites! :)

The MonoSplit
Black and White is very much being worn in contrast here. Block your mono tones for Spring for greater effect and contrast!
Check out these amazing shoes by armani!

The Summer Coat
A key piece for every style conscious lady!! The summer coat is perfect for Irish weather as its nice and light whilst not being too bare.
I love this lace one by Miu Miu... only €2000!

And this Chanel one.....Fab!!

Prada...I love the orange one!

The Peplum
This shape can be very flattering, so luckily its making a major comeback this season!
 Its best t keep patterns and colours minimal with this shape! I love this ascott dress from Fran and Janes!


Please Comment and tell me what you think!! :) Share some of your fave trends!! :) 

Monday, 27 February 2012

Pretty in Pastels.....

Candyhues and a very soft palette of sorbet shades are the newest trend for Spring/Summer 2012!

Ranging from clear cut tailoring to the sweet lacey look, pastels are everywhere this season, and they look great! At New York and London fashion week this year, designers used a wide range of creativity when mixing up their cupcake tones!
While most of us can only dream about wearing these creations, (some day) we can however take some inspiration from them!

I absolutely loved the Louis Vuitton collection! Kate Moss and a carousel, what more do you need!

                                                            Louis Vuitton SS12 

His collection had some beautiful mint, white and creamy rose shades, offset by some really cool coloured block pointy shoes and some metallic trims! Love it!

Chanel being one of my absolute favourite designers, I always love the collection, but I especially loved this years pearl effect as shown here on the models. Gorgeous!

                                                                 Chanel SS 12

However, pastel trends can also be found all over the high street, and of course our old reliable, Pennies! Pennies have a great range of high waisted pastel skirts and some great tones in shirts too! But If you think that being decked out from head to toe in ice cream shades isnt for you, but you want to stay in Vogue, pennies also have a great range of pastel belts, scarves and pumps hich would look great teamed with a simple pair of jeans and white top! 

If your a bit more adventurous and want to exapnd your pastel range, theres some great shades such as nude, lemon, mint and orange, in tops and jeans in Vero Moda. River Island are stocking some pearl embellished mint and candy colured shirts at the moment which are fab!And they also have a great selection of jeans.

If you love your accessories, Topshop have some gorgeous pastel shades in jewelry at the moment!

Just added in these pastel cats because I thought they were funny! :)

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Hot Hair for Summer!

As we leave behind the colder months and start shedding a few layers, its nice to try some new looks! There's no easier place to start then with our hair!

Having been glued to the reports on New York Fashion week, I've noticed some new trends starting to emerge not only in clothes but in hairstyles

A key trend this season is the look of slicked back hair, or hair that looks wet, also known as the "wet look", since hair looks as if you just stepped out of the shower. 
To achieve this look use alot of product to simply wear your hair all slicked back. Im not sure if its a look I would be willing to try, as I think there could be a fine line between trendy and being mistaken for greasy!!

The center parting was seen in several shows.

To achieve this look part your hair straight down the middle. Then place you hair in a ponytail or wear it straight down to accentuate your center part. If the look of center parts aren't your thing, you can also try the extreme side part which is also being worn this season. To achieve this trend, place an extreme part on the right or left side of your hair, and pull all of your hair to the back or the side to accentuate the part.

One of my favorite new trends and one which I will definitely be trying is the beachy hair look.
Its so simple do do, just put some mousse into your hair when wet and let it dry naturally while tied into a loose plait! This will be really achievable if your hair is quite fine and long. Top off the look with a center parting!

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

All the colours of the Rainbow...

Having done a bit of shopping this week (by shopping I mean looking at all the things I can' afford) I saw some great new colours starting to filter into the shops for spring!
So I thought I would share with you some of my favorite pieces!

I get an obsession with a new colour every season (at Christmas it was burgundy) and my favorite this Spring has to be orange!!

As there quite baggy, they would look great bunched up inside some UGG's!

 I also love this sleeveless blouse from Topshop, which could be worn going out or casually.

Lavender is another colour which I think looks great this season! These lavender super skinny jeans are only 25euro from Republic!

Something which I am definatley going to be purchasing this Summer is neon shorts.
These pink ones look great teamed with a simple white t-shirt and a baggy cardigan.
They have very similar shorts in Newlook at the moment!

Pastel/Sugar shades are  back on trend with Marc Jacobs at Louis Vuitton displaying the above pieces at NYFW for SS12.

I love his collection of pastels, lace and feathers and shades like mint green, lilac and pale pink...

They look good enough to eat!

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Spring Cleaning...

Do you waste time every morning wondering what to wear? Is your wardrobe a minefield? Still picking up that sweater that you bought in the sale and wore for a few hours three years ago?
It's time to be brave, stop procrastinating and get rid of the clutter!
A few hours spent sifting through your fashion mistakes will save you hours of decision making in the long run and that daily 'I don't know what to wear' routine could be relegated to the past. 
It's time for a capsule wardrobe!!

While we are all still in college we still need to have those comfortable clothes you can wear while nursing a hangover like hoodies! And the heavenly Ugg boots (which really are just glorified slippers and will probably horrify generations to come) but which we still need for those days when we just cant be bothered and we need a bit of comfort for those long library study sessions!

By now most people will have figured out their own personal style, so everyones capsule wardrobe will be interpreted differently.
Knowing your style and sticking to it is key when developing your wardrobe.

For example, I prefer to keep it simple with clothes that have a lot of structure for the most part and simple block colours. I dont like to have two many colours or textures going on in an outfit at once, as I think its harder to appreciate the individual pieces then - I would always prefer simple over busy.
There are those people who wear the latest trends no matter what - these people are usually either minted or work in high street clothing stores. 

I will never  be one of those people because number one I don't have the time or money to keep up with such cutting edge trends and number two sometimes these trends can be a bit unattractive.
But I do like to keep my style original by incorporating the latest trends and putting my own stamp on my style. I find this is quite easy to do with shoes and accessories or even one piece that you can combine easily with your core wardrobe. This way your not stuck with a lot of clothes you wont wear again when next season comes around.

So I guess I would be a big fan of the capsule wardrobe as it encompasses the principal "Quality over Quantity". I prefer investing in some good pieces rather then doing a weekly bargain hunt! Event though I do enjoy a good root in pennies now and then!
Essentially, you need to make sure you have some good classic basics that fit well and transcend fashion trends, and only then can you start picking up extra bits like trendy tops etc, to build on it.

Its very important to only choose things that suit your shape. Never buy anything that you dont really love as you wont end up wearing it!
For example there is no point buying a new dress that looks average on you for a party, if you have a dress at home that you have worn before but looks fabulous on you! Always go for looking fabulous! ;)

A capsule wardrobe may be hard to achieve for people who love wearing pattered clothes as recognizable patterns limit the amount of times you can wear things, so try and keep patterned clothing to a minimum! 

1. Only buy clothing that fits well and that you love on you
2. Don't buy anything really trendy if its very expensive
3. Buy good quality clothes
4. If you have a dress at home that you love and you want to make it look different - accessorise it!
5. Dont buy anything for the sake of buying something new!
6. Dont buy it if you cant think of at least three instances in which you will wear it
7. If your unsure about something, think about it over night

As we are all venturing out into the world of work soon, its time to get our wardrobes up to scratch ( and make room for all the clothes we will be buying when were  minted marketing professionals!!)

Be harsh - if you havent worn it for two years then throw it away!!
If your like me and tend to spend quite a lot on things like dresses and coats, and throwing them away is like throwing away your children, then have a swap night!!
Gather together a group of your friends and everyone bring some clothes they dont want anymore.
Everyone goes home with something new and gets rid of their old clothes! :) Win win!!

So get started and declutter!! It will save you hours of decision making! :)

Monday, 23 January 2012

Valentine's Day is just around the corner. 
I suppose everyday you should show your love to your loved ones but Hallmark need another day to make money and we needed another reason to get all dressed up and eat chocolates!!

Whether you are spending a day with your other half or spending the day with your friends why not spend it looking chic and fabulous!?? :)
Embrace reds and pinks for the day and get into the festive mood! Valentines Day can be just as fun a holiday as any other, even for those who are spending it solo!

Here are a few fun, inexpensive, and functional ideas for whatever you have planned!

If your going for a lovely romantic dinner or out clubbing with your boyfriend, and you want to look super smouldering and gorgeous, why not try this fitted dress! Paired with a Blazer and some bling Jewelry, you'l be looking fab when your stepping out with your one and only!

If you need something a bit more toned down, this rose colored baby doll style dress is perfect for Valentines Day Dinner and can be worn easily with flats too!!

On the other hand, if your thinking of keeping it casual, this pink Shift dress is super cute and can be dressed down with flats and a scarf and some funky tights or socks if a more casual date is on the cards!

If you think red is not your colour or you just dont like it, try some of these funky accessories instead!!

Alternatively, if your on a budget and getting something new is just not an option, why not root out that classic black dress from Christmas and pair it with some killer heels and some vibrant red lipstick!
Nothing is more glam and sexy than a matt red lip with some dark lashes!

If however you don't happen to have a boyfriend/girlfriend and the thought of Valentines Day and loved up couples parading their affection everywhere sends you hiding under the duvet, then don't fear!! :)

You can still enjoy the festivities just as much with a group of single friends!!
Try rockin' this cool tube dress for a night of dancing and some extra flirting! ;)
You wont be long bagging a date for Valentines Day!

So instead of putting on your best pjs and setting a date with the new episode of 90210, grab your buddies and head out for some girlie cocktails...and who knows maybe you'l find someone that you may be spending next Valentines day with!! ;)